Obuq is the design brand of Ivo Rodrigues, based in Lisbon, Portugal. Using new tools of digital fabrication like laser-cutting, Obuq focus itself on the creation of complex designs of three-dimensional models.

How it started

In 2016, Obuq start out as brand for laser-cutting designing services. While making it’s own product design, Obuq also collaborated with several maker spaces like Fábrica Moderna, FabLab Lisboa or Lab-Aberto.


The Online Debut

New designs made, old ones optimized, and on January 2019 Obuq establishes its online shop and this website is created. Now its time to puzzle some creativity!


Obuq means?

Obuq is “cubo” (the Portuguese for cube) in reverse and with a Q. The name appeared at Metro Street Fest, Lisbon July 2016, and its a reference to the first project made in the laser-cutter, and latter, the first product.

This Cube is now available as a free project for download!

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