Frequently Asked Questions

Mail us any question you have, but before you do, see if this FAQ helps you.

What is Obuq? What does it mean?

Obuq is the design brand of laser-cut designs made by Ivo Rodrigues. See more on our About section.

What does Obuq do?

We sell design projects for laser-cutting. You can purchase our files, laser-cut and sell the resulting product. Just don’t share or sell the design files themselves.

Where can I find Obuq?

Obuq in online based only. We have only one selling point at Etsy. You can also find our free designs at Thingiverse.

Do you do laser-cutting services?


What materials/CNC can I use with your projects?

Most of our projects are designed to be laser-cutted in wood, like plywood or mdf, but you can use any other materials. Some precautions and tests may need to be taken. For example, cast acrylic may require extra care with assembly models, its lack of flexibility makes it easy to break when assembling.
You can also use other CNC machines, some adaptations to the design may be required depending on the chosen process. We do not supply these adaptations.

Can I sell the designs I purchase from Obuq?

You can sell the laser-cutted product obtained from our files. Don’t share or sell the design file itself. See our Brief Terms on the end of this page.

Do you accept requests?

Always interested in hear your ideas. Right now we don’t have much time to process more projects, but who knows..!

We don’t accept requests for any modification to already existing projects or their documentation. Unless critical of course.




File compatibility

In what file format come the purchased designs?

The laser-cut file comes in Dxf (R12 ASCII Drawing), an old but consistent and dependable file format. It opens on all related software, like Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, RDworks, just to name a few.

File instructions and details come in Pdf. A Pdf viewer is necessary.

All purchased designs come with extra material, like vector images, that come in Svg.

I can’t import the main file, what now?

Send us an e-mail and tell us what software you use and what kind of file formats you use with it.

The measurements don’t seem right when I import the file, what do I do?

Our design files come with a rectangular frame that encompasses all the line work. The dimensions of this frame are specified in the Details section of the product. You’ll just need to adjust the width and height of the frame to the designated measurements with all the line work selected.

Don’t forget to use the specified unit of measurement. All of our files are in mm.

The instructions are in Svg, how do I open this files?

Svg are vector images that you can open and edit in any graphic design software like Inkscape (free), Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, just to name a few.

You can also preview them on your browser, and edit the Svg code on Notepad or similar.


Brief terms

You are free to sell, and are responsible for, any product resulting from the designs on our shop, just don’t share or sell the design file itself.

Feel free to modify the designs and send us a picture! We relinquish any right of authorship if the design is modified beyond visual recognition to the original.

All designs are sold with extra documentation, like the assembly instructions and anything else we can add. You can aggregate any of this material to your product to sell. (Any extra documentation has at least the respective assembly instructions given in svg file format)

We don’t accept requests for extra documentation or requests to any modification of the design file or the given documentation. No refunds.

Any right of authorship belongs to Obuq. Any reference to Obuq (like: “original design by Obuqdesign.com”) on your product would be greatly appreciated.

And lastly, Enjoy!

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